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Here we are again facing a New Year what happened to the old one it just flew by. We hope all our customers had a good Christmas and we hope this coming year is kind to us all. 
We sadly had our first time away and had the flu. We swapped one bed for another one in the countryside. At least we had a better view! 
Plans! We would like to get some of our plans off the ground this year. 
Illness has slowed us down and we know other companies have struggled with staff sickness. 
It is hard to believe how things are changing in the world. 
Each day you begin to wonder what’s going to happen next. 
The death of our beloved Queen is so sad and our thoughts go out to the family. 
Time is going so fast it’s hard to stay grounded so many plans we had but seem to have achieved so little. 
The passing of the Her Majesty has made us realise to appreciate every moment. 
It is not what we have archived but it’s that we’ve tried to do the best we can. 
It is hard to believe it’s July already. 
This year so far has had its own concerns with the cost of living and the Ukraine crisis. 
We had plans to be refurbished the workshops by now but delays have occurred and pushed this to one side, we hope to clear them by the end of the year and achieve our goals. 
We would like to take this opportunity to wish old and new customers a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year. 
We worked hard up to Christmas and tried to clear the backlog of our outstanding work, but due to restrictions caused by the Covid our attempt was not as successful as hoped. 
The year has flown again and you wonder what’s happened to the world. We hope things would be back to normal but what’s normal any more. The good news the backlog is getting done and we thank all our customers for their understanding. 
January we will begin the refurbishment of the workshop and the setting up of our new sales pages on our website. 
This year is racing quickly by again, hopefully the lockdown restrictions will be ending on July 19th. 
These lockdowns have been challenging for us but it has also been a time to reflect, we have been running the Time Restorations for 18 years after taking over from a Gentleman called Peter Jordan who started the business approximately 27 years ago, sadly he passed on to the great beyond a few weeks ago and is no longer with us. 
Peter Jordan sadly passed away May 1st 2021. 
Peter retired as a school Teacher and set up Time Restorations. 
We took over 18 years ago and stayed friends. 
People may remember him driving his steam engine around the Bournville Green. 
We hope to open April 12th if the government allows. 
The lockdown has been hard but hopefully it’s coming to an end. 
There are no words really to describe this year it has been a challenge and we only 
hope it will be better in 2021. To all our customers we hope you have been well and coped with all the lockdowns and restrictions. 
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