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The Expert 
The Expert 
This is Izzy: 
After a life long passion of repairing things, which started as a school boy playing with anything mechanical, electrical that I could get my hands on. I had a hankering to get a nice mechanical clock. On acquiring a spring driven Vienna which I obtained from a dubious antiques dealer I took it home and set it up, it worked for a short period and stopped. My instinct told me that if it was made by human hands it could be repaired by the same. 
Out came the movement and was stripped down and being spring driven some power was left on the main springs on removing the back plate to my surprise released this power and produced a shower of parts. Not being daunted by this minor catastrophe, I proceeded to recover all the bits and pieces and laid them out in front of me , luckily there was no damage to any wheel teeth and all parts had been found. 
I looked logically at this jig saw puzzle of pieces and wondered how they all fitted together. Rebuilding the clock which then worked perfectly ignited my passion for clocks. I pursued this as a hobby for many years whilst operating my electrical mechanical engineering business, when I decided that I may like to change my career and applied to join a three year full time Horological course based on the British Horological institute curriculum at University Central England. 
My first exam piece was exhibited in the cabinet at the BHI as one of the best pieces made that year. I also had more pieces exhibited at the university. This spurred me on to eventually taking over Time Restorations in Bournville and enjoying a career in restoring and repairing all sorts of clocks and instruments. 
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