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Clock Overhaul 
Clock overhaul 

A clock overhaul involves: 

a) The clock is dismantled/removing the movement. 
b)The movement is completely dismantled itemising problems. 
c)All components are cleaned removing grease , dirt and rust. 
d)A closer inspection of the wear of the components and any parts that would have caused stoppage e.g. bushings, pivots, wheels, poor repairs. 
f) Burnish the pivots , re-bush to suit. 
g)Check the depthing of the wheels and pinions. 
h) Reassemble the clock to see that all wheel trains move freely. 
Dismantle again refinish parts as necessary and clean 
Some clocks e.g. skeleton clocks, clocks with visible mechanisms which involve polishing and bluing. 
Reassemble and set up escapement ,chiming and striking. 
Bench Test movement. 
Refit Dial, hands etc 
Test again. 
Rebuild into case and test. 
In this process of overhaul problems can be identified and small problems rectified parts made may incur an extra cost this will be discussed with you before progressing any further till you have agreed to go ahead. 
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