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Buying clocks can be a minefield these days with Internet Auctions, Ebay and Auction Houses all vying for your custom. All avenues have their pitfalls sometimes a clock may be bought for what seems a cheap price but in most of the above cases it's buyer beware! 
I have had some clocks brought in that enthusiastic buyers have purchased from Ebay only to find that on arrival they have not been working or have suffered in the post. Although there is redress from Ebay it may still cost you to return the item. 
Auction Houses allow you to inspect the item before you buy which is okay if you live locally and know what you're looking for, but still problems may be unseen ( as a Professional Horologist I know this from experience.) 
Then of course there's the Buyer's Premium! One Auction House I have stopped using because they charge 37% for online bidding, vat , and their commission making whatever you are bidding on not so Cheap. 
So may I suggest that if you're in the market for an interesting clock that you purchase it from a source that although may be more expensive you can inspect the item, ask questions and even get advice on things you may not have considered . You may also even get delivery and get it set up at home for you. We offer advice and support with any clocks ,Barometers or Barographs purchased from our website or shop at Bournville, Birmingham, West Midlands. 
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